Miso Soup

i had try to cook this miso soup at home
and it taste nice :)

ingredients: Miso sauce, tofu (cut into cube size) , seaweed, some chicken meat and some green onion

 and.. that it is !! very easy to cook.
yummy :)


June Update :)

the day when i went home 
we had our brunch together in time..

sashimi my favourite :)

look at him >.<

*my flight reached at Sibu airport at 6.05pm and something unhappy thing happened between me & Airasia*
just paid some money to get my luggage back. sigh..
just forget about it..

this is my niece !! baby grace.. gosh.. she became so giant @.@
overweight already i think.

mom's cook. always the no.1 around the world ^^

my books also reached home after almost a month.
my motor too :)

my niece serious look when face to the TV

~ Father's Day ~

woke up at 6.40am and followed my parents to town


accompany my mom buy fresh vege @ Sunday market
accompany my parents for breakfast :)

and night..

we ate the 'chang sou mian'  with chicken soup ..

brought my mom & aunty went to immigration deparment do their passport

just some boring capture :)

my mom love gardening..
well this little kid become busybody at there..(pick up the flower @.@)

her supper time !!
Maggi noodles.. lol.. thats why she become so chubby >.<

my brother 

again.. her fun time with us ! 

haha.. she like to give me such expression when i want to take photo >.<


get myself some sports activities to keep fit
its really a good way for sweating
and of course i will jogging everyday to make myself in a good 'condition' !! XD


the night before my flight 14/6

its been a long time i didn't update my blog as i don't have internet in home >.<
if there is a need for online, i just will come over my new house here.
future i think will have monthly update :)

i had great & tasty dinner @ Happy Village that night

mix vege

Lo bak with chicken meat

duck !!

and this two little things followed me back Sarawak too :)


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